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20 pcs Matching EMT Shears, Tactical Green First Aid Tactical Kit Military Moll

$ 23.99 USD

@import url(""); @import url(""); .no-subscribe { display: none} [contenteditable] { pointer-events: none; }.export-only { display: inherit !important; }You will always be ready to prevent an emergency from becoming a crisis with our Universal Tactical Kit. Complete with everything you need for quick surgery in the field, with straps to hold all the necessary tools organized and in place, you will save valuable time when it is needed most. The U.S. Military field style kit contains all new components neatly folded into one convenient kit that attaches to your belt vest or gear with a universal strap on its back, your kitIncludes:Straight hemostat - 2Scissors - 1#3 Scalpel handle – 1Suture set – 1Needle probe – 1Antiseptic BZK wipes – 2Curved hemostat – 1Tweezers – 1Scalpel blades – 2Holder – 1Alcohol wipes – 2Pen light - 1 Home | About Us | New Arrivals | FeedBack | Contact Us