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74 pcs Oral Dental Extraction Surgery Extracting Elevators Forceps Instruments

$ 105.00 USD

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We have a large collection of Dental & Surgical Instrument for any type of medical requirement. We always give utmost priority to superior quality and industry standard while competing prices with any other online medical store, Distributing Surgical and Medical instruments in all over the United States and parts of Europe and South America since 1994. Offers best value products and Excellent services. Our features All Items are Brand New Ship within 24 hours after payment is received 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Highest Quality & Economical prices Great Discounts over bulk purchases All instruments are made out of Stainless Steel otherwise specified   DETAILS & POLICIES Description Delivery Payment Return ITEM DETAILS 72 Piece Dental Instrument Kit Set Includes: 1 Premium Grade Upper Premolar Wisdom & Roots Dental Extracting Extraction Forceps Mead #11 Premium Grade Upper Molars Dental Extracting Extraction Forceps Mead #21 Premium Grade Lower Incisors Dental Extracting Extraction Forceps Mead #31 Premium Grade Lower Molar Dental Extracting Extraction Forceps Mead #41 Premium Grade Dental Upper Incisors Cuspids Bicuspids Roots Extracting Extraction Forceps with Gold Handle1 Premium Grade Dental Lower Incisors Cuspids Bicuspids Roots Extracting Extraction Forceps with Gold Handle1 Premium Grade Dental Extracting Extraction Lower Molar Cow Horn Forceps #23 With Gold Handle1 Premium Grade Dental Extracting Extraction Forceps #2861 French Steel Heidbrink Root Tip Pick Elevator Straight1 French Steel Heidbrink Root Tip Pick Elevator Right1 French Steel Heidbrink Root Tip Pick Elevator Left1 French Steel Apical Root Dental Elevator Del 3011 French Steel Apical Root Dental Elevator Del 3021 French Steel Apical Root Dental Elevator Del 3031 French Steel Apical Root Dental Elevator Del 77r1 Adson Dressing Forceps Serrated Fine Point 4.75"1 Adson Tissue Forceps 1x2teeth Fine Point 4.75"1 Iris Scissors 4.5" Straight1 Iris Scissors 4.5" Angled1 Mosquito Hemostat Forceps 5" Curved1 Crile Wood Needle Holder 6"1 Crane Elevator Right1 Crane Elevator Left1 Periosteal Elevator Molt M91 Periosteal Elevator Seldin S231 Dental Mirror #51 College Cotton Plier1 Dental Explorer Probe #51 Minnesota Cheek Retractor1 Dental Syringe 1.8cc1 Scalpel Knife Handle #31 Scalpel Knife Handle #4we Will Ship 3 Scissors.    OUR PRODUCT RANGE Our production process has attained ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003 certification, cGMP compliant and CE certification. Our broad range of superior quality and cost-efficient products supports critical care for different markets. Our comprehensive and exclusive product lines and services, satisfies the national and international quality and safety standards, which is the reason why we are already enjoying our loyal based clientele throughout USA and worldwide.   FAST AND FREE DELIVERY We ship all of our products within the United States. For international shipping, please contact us and provide your address for a quote. We ship orders within 1-2 business days after payment is received. Orders will be shipped on same day if purchased before 5:00PM EST. All Products are ships via USPS First Class Mail (2 to 7 Days to Deliver). If you need faster service, we also offer Priority Mail Express 1 Day shipping service at a discount price. Please choose the shipping service you would like at checkout. SAFE AND SECURE PAYMENTS Shopping at Ebay is easy and safe! All Major Credit Cards are accepted including PayPal. 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE If you are not completely satisfied, re