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Abutment Holder - Long (approx. length 7.25") - 800-1 AB - Dental Implant

$ 49.95 USD

@import url(""); @import url(""); .no-subscribe { display: none} [contenteditable] { pointer-events: none; }.export-only { display: inherit !important; }Abutment HolderLong (approx. length 7.25")Reduce the risk of dropping abutments in your patient’s mouth.Here is an easy solution to an all-too-common problem. The abutment holder makes it easy to place an abutment and hold it in place while screwing it down. It works with any implant abutment and is especially useful for posterior placements, where accidents are most likely to happen. Do not take chances. Order an abutment holder todaHome | About Us | New Arrivals | FeedBack | Contact Us