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Angulated Bracket Remover Plier Orthodontic Dental Instruments Angled

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@import url(""); @import url(""); .no-subscribe { display: none} [contenteditable] { pointer-events: none; }.export-only { display: inherit !important; }Angulated Bracket Removing PliersHexagonal Screw (L-Key)Advantages of Pliers/Cutters with Hexagonal Screw/ L-Key Pliers/Cutters:Precise FunctionLongevity of Functional LifeLess Chance of Getting Loose At the Joints Even After Long Usage.When Found Loose, Can Be Tightened At Will With The Aid Of An Allen-Key Easily.The Precision Joint With Adjustable Screw Makes It Possible To Dis-Assemble The Pliers. Home | About Us | New Arrivals | FeedBack | Contact Us