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Bowel Resection Set + Basic Laparotomy Surgery Pack Set Kit Lot

$ 907.86 USD

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We have a large collection of Dental & Surgical Instrument for any type of medical requirement. We always give utmost priority to superior quality and industry standard while competing prices with any other online medical store, Distributing Surgical and Medical instruments in all over the United States and parts of Europe and South America since 1994. Offers best value products and Excellent services. Our features All Items are Brand New Ship within 24 hours after payment is received 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Highest Quality & Economical prices Great Discounts over bulk purchases All instruments are made out of Stainless Steel otherwise specified   DETAILS & POLICIES Description Delivery Payment Return ITEM DETAILS Bowel Resection and basic laparotomy instrument set 129 Piece Set Includes: 6-Piece. HALSTED Mosquito Forceps 5" Curved2-Piece. ROCHESTER Carmalt Forceps 8" Straight1-Piece. WILLIAMS Tissue Forceps 6-1/2"2-Piece. ALLEN Intestinal Forceps 8" straight2-Piece. DOYEN Intestinal Forceps 9" straight2-Piece. PAYR Pylorus Clamp 8"1-Piece. DeBakey Tissue Forceps 7-3/4" Gold handle2-Piece. Kinife Handle # 3 with scale Fitting Surgical Blades nos. 10 thru 152-Piece. Kinife Handle # 4 with scale Fitting Surgical Blades nos. 20 thru 251-Piece. Kinife Handle # 7 with scale Fitting Surgical Blades nos. 10 thru 151-Piece.Yankauer Suction Tube (With tip)3-Piece.Forceps Holders (With tips)1-Piece.Operating Scissors 5-1/2” straight, sharp/blunt1-Piece. T/C MAYO Dissecting Scissors 6-3/4” straight,1-Piece. T/C MAYO Dissecting Scissors 6-3/4” curved,1-Piece. T/C METZENBAUM Scissors 7" curved,1-Piece. T/C METZENBAUM Scissors 9" straight,1-Piece. T/C METZENBAUM Scissors 9” curved,1-Piece. THUMB Dressing Forceps5-1/5” serrated1-Piece. TISSUE Forceps5-1/5" 1x2 teeth1-Piece.T/C ADSON Dressing Forceps 4-3/4” serrated1-Piece. T/C ADSON Tissue Forceps 4-3/4” 1 x 2 teeth1-Piece. RUSSIAN Tissue Forceps 8"1-Piece. Cushing Tissue Forceps 7" 1x2 teeth1-Piece. DeBEKEY Forceps 7"6-Piece. HALSTED Mosquito Forceps 5" straight6-Piece. HALSTED Mosquito Forceps 5" curved6-Piece. KELLY Forceps 5-1/2” straight12-Piece. KELLY Forceps 5-1/2” curved6-Piece. ROCHESTER-Pean Forceps 6-1/4” curved2-Piece. ROCHESTER-Pean Forceps 8” curved4-Piece. ROCHESTER-Ochsner Forceps 6-1/4" 1x2 teeth straight1-Piece. MIXTER Forceps 7-1/4” fully curved1-Piece. MIXTER Forceps 9"1-Piece. Baby MIXTER Forceps 5-1/4” fully curved8-Piece. BACKHAUS Towel Clamps 5-1/4"6-Piece. FORSTER Sponge Forceps 9-1/2” straight, serrated1-Piece. T/C MAYO-HEGAR Needle Holder 6"1-Piece. T/C MAYO-HEGAR Needle Holder 7"1-Piece. T/C MAYO-HEGAR Needle Holder 8"1-Piece. T/C MAYO-HEGAR Needle Holder 10-1/2"1-Piece. POOLE Suction Tube, 30 french 8-3/4" straight2-Piece. GOELET Retractor 7-1/2"1-Piece. U.S. Army Retractor 8-1/2"1-Piece. RIBBON Retractor 3/4" x 13"1-Piece. RIBBON Retractor 1-1/4" x 13"1-Piece. RIBBON Retractor 2" x 13"1-Piece. DEAVER Retractor 1" x 12"1-Piece. DEAVER Retractor 2” x 12"1-Piece. RICHARDSON Retractor 9-1/2"1-Piece. RICHARDSON Retractor 9-1/2"1-Piece. KELLY Retractor 9-3/4"1-Piece. LAHEY Gall Duct Forceps 7-1/2" (19.1cm)2-Piece. ALLISH Tissue Forceps 6" (15.2cm) 4x5 teeth2-Piece. ALLISH Tissue Forceps 10" (25.4cm) 5x6 teeth2-Piece. BABCOCK Tissue Forceps 6-1/4" (15.9cm)2-Piece. BABCOCK Tissue Forceps 9-1/4" (23.5cm)1-Piece. Stainless Steel Ruler 6" (15.2cm)4-Piece. SCHNIDT Tonsil Forceps 7-1/2" (19.1cm)1-Piece. DeBakey Tissue Forceps 8" (20.3cm)